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At the beginning of the song she sings: actress also makes a reference to bleached hair and hoping it falls out — which is TOTALLY something the 5SOS fam jokes about since Mikey dyes his hair more than the average human being.

tour and while they were soundchecking, MTV snuck backstage to probe band members Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat about life on tour.

” You cried, finally letting the tears stream down your pale and frightened face.

You reached for the door handle and opened it, running to your car.

But keep on requesting, and keep on reading, because I will be checking up on this blog, and I will be keeping an eye on my ask box. Please don't give up on me, I haven't given up on you. Jack came closer to me and snaked his hands around my waist, giving me that same look he always gave me when we’re alone together.

Sam came running after you, trying to make you stay.“Samuel, you stay the hell away from me!

You coward in fear, being in a very sensitive state.

Everything was perfectly fine in the beginning, then peachy about seven months ago, and then Sam hit you for the first time four months ago. HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF I HAD A FLING WITH SOME GUY AND STAYED IN CONTACT WITH THEM? You held your cheek, trying to keep the stinging tears in your eyes, stay. This caused your head to bang against it, an instant migraine coming along.“Shut the hell up.” He threw your arms to the side, releasing them.

You knew you should’ve left him right after that first hit, but he pulled you back into his spell. You scurried to the front door of the apartment you two shared. He reached forward to you gently, but you yanked yourself away.“You stay the fuck away from me!

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I love you guys a lot, and I promised I'd write your request, so I will. I love you guys a lot, thank you for everything xx Don't Lose Your FightCurrent request count: 167Masterlist Fanfictions AN The other Alex’s sister imagine! Jack came into the kitchen, and called to the guys for food. “Jack, stop, Alex might come around the corner any minute.” “Alex is preoccupied by Lisa,” he whispered to me, planting small kisses on my neck.

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