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B) a loss of ,000 last year and a loss of ,000 this year. D) none of the above 54) Barbara owns 100 shares of Bond Corporation stock with a basis of ,000.Barbara receives two liquidating distributions, including ,000 paid last year and ,000 paid in the current year. 55) Hope Corporation was liquidated four years ago.

Greg receives two liquidating distributions of ,000 on March 3 of last year, and ,000 on August 8 of this year.

It discusses the tax consequences of the following types of distributions: Distributions of cash or other property where the shareholder does not surrender any stock Distributions of stock or rights to acquire stock of the distributing corporation Distributions of property in exchange for the corporation s own stock (i.e., stock redemptions) Chapter C:6 discusses liquidating distributions, and Chapter C:7 discusses distributions associated with corporate reorganizations.

NONLIQUIDATING DISTRIBUTIONS IN GENERAL SELF-STUDY QUESTION How does a shareholder classify a distribution for tax purposes?

Bonnie owns 60 shares with a basis of ,000, and Clyde owns the remaining 40 shares with a basis of ,000. Getaway has ,000 of E&P at year end and Bonnie is unrelated to Clyde. Rusty, an individual, owns 100% of Spartan Corporation.

[LO5] Bonnie and Clyde are the only two shareholders in Getaway Corporation. Getaway has ,000 of E&P at year end and Clyde is unrelated to Bonnie. [LO6] Spartan Corporation made a distribution of 0,000 to Rusty Cedar in partial liquidation of the company on December 31 of this year.

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An additional distribution of an undetermined amount is expected next year. Teresa reported a $40,000 long-term capital gain due to the liquidation on her individual tax return.

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