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(2) Do not sell any part of this script, even if you rewrite it.(3) You may reproduce this script for internal use, but all copies must contain this copyright statement.Our attitude to dating is not so much a matter of church policy but a matter of family government.

This “Three In One Skit” deals with being ready to meet Jesus and refers to the core values of real Christians who choose compassion over judgment, love over tyranny, and integrity over compromise.

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are dramatic sermon illustrations for drama ministry that capture humorous situations.

These drama scripts are packed with witty twists and intelligent humor that use classic comic techniques such as: surprise, exaggeration, incongruity, repetition, misunderstanding, comedy of errors, comedy of manners, physical comedy, irony, and satire.

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When prearing a Christian Valentine's Day skit, you want to think of themes that promote godly values in relationships while still having fun themes in it.