Collaborative filtering dating Adult webcam reviews

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Collaborative filtering dating

Includes customizable groups, photo albums, messaging, member profiles, videos, news feeds, a drag-and-drop CMS, and more.

i Social is a free social networking script platform that allows you to create your own Friendster and Orkut like sites.

After that, the system is making predictions about user's rating for an item, which the user hasn't rated yet.

These predictions are built upon the existing ratings of other users, who have similar ratings with the active user.

The evaluation showed that, had users been able to follow the top 20 recommendations of our best method, their success rate would have improved by a factor of around 2.3.

SUMMARY ================================================================================ These files contain 17,359,346 anonymous ratings of 168,791 profiles made by 135,359 Libim Se Ti users as dumped on April 4, 2006.

This image shows an example of predicting of the user's rating using collaborative filtering.

At first, people rate different items (like videos, images, games).

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Second part of the work focuses on several benchmarks of the implemented system's accuracy and performance on publicly available data sets (Movie Lens and Jester) and also on data sets originating from real online dating services (Chcete M and Líbím Se Ti).

All benchmark results proved that collaborative filtering technique could be successfully used in the area of online dating services.

Unlike some other lists you may find on the net, this one contains only really downloadable and functional software. Social Engine is social networking software powered by PHP and Zend.

The script lets you easily create your own social network or online community.

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The data is available from USAGE LICENSE ================================================================================ Neither the Charles University nor any of the researchers involved can guarantee the correctness of the data, its suitability for any particular purpose, or the validity of results based on the use of the data set.

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