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Read more September 11, 2015 Pomeroy Lodging finalizes Deal to Purchase and Plans M Revitalization of Delta Lodge at Kananaskis Kananaskis, Alberta.

September 11, 2015 - Pomeroy Lodging LP is Western Canada’s leader in providing hospitality and lodging services in secondary and tertiary markets. Read more March 19, 2015 Friday, March 20, is the spring equinox, one of only two days in the year where night and day are the same length.

It pushed our level-up system to its maximum and it wasn't very happy about that.

We had a couple of beautiful Fall days, with very cool nights, requiring us to fill our fresh water tanks and put away the hose, lest it freeze up.

This is a typical winter routine, even this far south.

Tupelo looks to be thriving, with lots of new development around the outskirts, like in Barnes Crossing. His tiny clapboard home is preserved and there is a museum next to it now.

  Memphis guitar genius Travis Wammack plays a Gibson ES-335 - practically at the speed of light.

Dating back to the early 1800s, the dulcimer is an instrument whose very name means “sweet sound.” The National Park Service and the North Mississippi Dulcimer Association invite everyone to listen to the soft sweet sounds of the dulcimer and learn of its extensive history. For additional information, call 662-680-4027 or 1-800-305-7417.  "I played a Fender Esquire for a little while, when I was in the Navy.But when I started playing standing up, it wasn't comfortable - which is why I switched to Gibson. Today, my instrument of choice is a Chet Atkins Country Gentleman model. I made it feel good -- like an old pair of house shoes, or like cuddlin' a girl up in the cradle of your arm" - Ponderosa Stomp performer Scotty Moore   This May, the New Orleans, Louisiana-based music festival the Ponderosa Stomp - on the road since hurricanes Katrina and Rita devastated the Crescent City and the Gulf Coast - is setting its sights on Memphis, Tennessee.It also happens to be the first day of spring – regardless of what the weather is doing.Spring has long been celebrated the world over as a time of renewal and rebirth.... Read more March 5, 2015 Those of us who live in the Peace region know very well how important sports are to our communities.

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  1. On Saturday, however, she tweeted, “I apologize for the plagiarism in my work. I’m so very, very sorry to everyone esp (sic) those I’ve wronged.” A graduate of the film studies program at the University of Toronto and a licensed teacher in Ontario, Mac Dougall has reportedly been dating Tarantino for months.