Who is burton cummings dating

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Who is burton cummings dating

In 1990, the theatre was purchased by the not-for-profit Walker Theatre Performing Arts Group (WTPAG) and designated a National Historic Site of Canada as well as a Provincial Heritage Site.

The building’s original architectural features were restored and it reopened as a venue for live performance in March 1991.

The Theatre was built for a new style of professional-level entertainment and brought ballets, operas, and Broadway-style shows to Winnipeg.Investing significant time and resources, True North set forth on a long-term project to refurbish and rejuvenate the theatre, acquiring full ownership of the building from the WPTAG in 2016.True North is committed to continuing the programming and development of the Burton Cummings Theatre as part of an exciting new era of entertainment growth in Winnipeg.Of course, there's one major difference: I can still recite lots of the old lyrics; Burton started writing his own - and went on to sell upward of 20 million records, entering the pantheon reserved for the royalty of rock music.Just how deep this personal connection runs is immediately apparent, because it turns out that the object of Burton's first great adolescent crush was my first cousin Karen ("She didn't have any time for me") and that his good friends growing up were two more of my cousins, Mark and Miles.

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Of course, you couldn't come of age in the Russian shtetl that was still north Winnipeg in the 1950s and early sixties without associating with Jews, but Burton, nominally a gentile, probably overdid it (not for the last time) when he persuaded Rosh Pina Rabbi Phillip Shnairson to admit him to the synagogue's youth program - "the only goy," he laughs, "to be a member." He attended "more bar mitzvahs than most Jews," can still recite (in Hebrew, no less) the first of the four questions from the Passover Haggadah, and belonged for four years to the Sabras, one of the teen clubs at the Young Men's Hebrew Association on Hargrave Street (about 200 metres from a theatre that now bears his name).

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