Who is ian mcshane dating

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Who is ian mcshane dating

Note: this will probably only make sense to people familiar with the increasingly archaic traditions of British television, where BBC channels used to hand over to pages from Ceefax when they shut down for the night.

(Amazingly, you can sometimes still see Ceefax on regular BBC channels, according to Wikipedia at least.) Also: it works best at full screen.

One member of the audience tweeted: "Sad, unpleasant scenes at Chelt Lit Fest when Ian Mc Ewan challenged by his ex wife. But dangerous topic for his novel." Ms Allen, a therapist and healer, is still forbidden from discussing aspects of the acrimonious custody battle over the couple's two sons.

At one point, in 1999, she and her partner Steve Tremain arrived at court wearing gags to protest against the legal restrictions.

Ms Allen, 66, who is believed to have been accompanied by her new partner, left the tent escorted by stewards.

Members of staff later said that the woman was Mc Ewan's former wife, although the author's publicist and a spokeswoman for the Cheltenham Literary Festival declined to comment.

And this time, he's weighing in on the plans to shut down BBC Radio's 6Music and the Asian Network, which have prompted a huge backlash from fans And it's personal for Mr Bull - they're the only two radio stations which have ever played his tunes. By the way, while we're here, in case anybody questions whether or not 6Music really is all that unique, we have the numbers to prove it - courtesy of the excellent Compare My Radio.Soon enough, Wallace will get caught in the middle of a bloody inquiry trying to find out those who struck the profitable deal, while at the same time, a stash of blood-money and a kill list made by the relentless Atticus, the cartel's resilient hit man, threatens the town's peace. The opening intertitle card refers to "ammunition" and then in the next line says "millions of store bought bullets are now being smuggled into Mexico." Bullets are a component of an ammunition cartridge.For the remainder of the movie, all smuggling involves loaded cartridges.Two corrupt cops set out to blackmail and frame every criminal unfortunate enough to cross their path.Events, however, are complicated by the arrival of someone who appears to be even more dangerous than they are.

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It monitors what tracks the country's radio stations are playing - and calculates what percentage of them are unique, tracks that you couldn't have heard anywhere else in the past month.

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